Disney and Fox Have Set a Shareholder Voting Date

The Disney-Fox deal has a voting date. According to Variety Fox and Disney have pushed back their shareholder meeting from July 10th to July 27th. The meeting was pushed back because of the counter offer that $65 billion offer they made on June 13th. Disney followed up that offer by making their own $71.3 billion offer on June 20th compared to the $52.4 billion they initially offered back in December. The Department of Justice approved the deal on Wednesday on the grounds that they sell Fox sports channels in order to avoid creating a monopoly with ESPN.

The shareholder meetings for both Disney and Fox are set for 10 a.m. at the Hilton New York, according to an SEC filing.

This means that Comcast only has so long before they can make some sort of counter offer to Fox. At the moment Comcast hasn’t said whether or not they are going to try and fight for the 21st Century Fox assets or not. They are currently in a bidding war for Sky TV which we talked about right here. Thus far it looks like Fox is going to accept the Disney offer but with the Comcast offer on the table they do need to go through the process.

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