Overwatch Looks to Be Teasing a New Hero with Some Kind of Rolling Boulder

Blizzard has teased something that looks tied to a new Overwatch character, showing a video of some kind of rolling boulder.


Going by the release schedule of previous Overwatch heroes, it feels about time we should be hearing something about a new character. It doesn’t feel all that long ago the Brigitte came into the game, but it’s looking like we are getting ready for Hero 28 already. The teases started last week, and although there have been clues flying around suggesting it could be one of several characters, we are still in the dark as to who it will be.

Well, it seems we are getting closer to that reveal and we have a brand new clue to mull over. The official Overwatch Twitter account shared a video that begins to look like last weeks reveal but after a few seconds, a boulder seemingly rolls by. Now, it’s hard to say exactly what this is. Is the rolling thing the hero or just one of their abilities? It doesn’t seem linked to any of the fan favourite guesses such as chimpanzee Hammond or the Junker Queen, so are we getting an entirely new character? Take a look:

The current thinking is that we won’t have to wait long to get a look at the character. Within the week, we should know who they are, but there are murmurs we could be getting a look later today. We will have to wait and see on that, but it is exciting to have a new flavour to mix into the current meta. Will it be as meta defining as Brigitte was? On that, we will have to wait.