Sonic Forces Original Soundtrack – The Vinyl Cutz Get a July Release

In case you have any desire to get your hands on the Sonic Forces Original Soundtrack – The Vinyl Cutz, we finally have a date for you. Wave Master, which is the studio that succeeded Sega Digital Media, will be releasing the double vinyl album on July 31st. The album basically consists of all the music you hear in the game, which includes the main song of the game called “Fist Bump” which was written by Tomoya Ohtani and performed by Douglass Robb of Hoobastank. We have the complete track listing below as well as some pictures of the album artwork and contents for you to check out. You can pre-order the album through Wayo Records and Amazon Japan for roughly $40.


Side A

  1. Fist Bump
  2. Infinite
  3. Fighting Onward – Space Port
  4. Nowhere to Run – Prison Hall

Side B

  1. Justice – Park Avenue
  2. Moonlight Battlefield – Aqua Road
  3. Virtual Enemies – Capital City
  4. Set in Motion – Guardian Rock
  5. Fist Bump – SXSW ver.

Side C

  1. Sunset Heights
  2. Ghost Town
  3. Battle with Infinite – First Bout
  4. Battle with Metal Sonic [US ver. Remix]
  5. Eggman’s Facility [Rhythm and Balance Remix]
  6. Battle with Mega Death Egg Robot – Final Phase

Side D

  1. Fading World – Imperial Tower
  2. The Light of Hope
  3. This Is Our World
  4. Fist Bump – Piano ver.

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