How Much Did the Destruction in Marvel’s Luke Cage Season 1 Cost?

This is a fun one. Someone at Marvel sat down and figured out the dollar amount of the destruction wrought in the first season of Marvel’s Luke Cage.

Now, I am absolute the type that would’ve done something like this, re-watching all 13 episodes and counting the number of cars crunched, windows broken and walls leveled. I might even have gone a bit further and looked at the number of guns destroyed. Oh man, and all those wasted bullets. You have any idea of how much ammunition is? But these guys figured out the damage from bullets, the damage to liquor bottles. They break it down first by the type of destruction — for example, explosion vs. bullets vs. smashing, then they break it down by the type of object and then they break it down by episode.

Now the grand total they came up with is $6,556,930, which I would guess puts the first season of Luke Cage near the top of the Marvel/Netflix series. I don’t think there was nearly as much damage in Marvel’s Daredevil, Marvel’s Jessica Jones or Marvel’s Iron Fist. I think Marvel’s The Punisher may have been close. But I would guess that Marvel’s The Defenders would be the winner with the total destruction of a large building in it. That probably wins.

Marvel’s Luke Cage season 1 and 2 are available now on Netflix.

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