Capcom Open to Streaming More Games Onto the Nintendo Switch

Capcom has said they are open to streaming more of their intensive games onto the Nintendo Switch like they did with Resident Evil 7 in Japan.

A few weeks ago, it was announced that Capcom was trying something pretty interesting on the Nintendo Switch. The console is one of the most popular now, being lifted by its special home/handheld hybrid selling point that allows players to take games on the go. While that is awesome, it does mean it is not one of the most powerful systems on the market. To circumvent that, Capcom offered the more intensive Resident Evil 7 on the system in Japan by simply streaming it to devices.

Well, it seems Capcom might not be done there. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, they’ve heard that Capcom is looking at expanding its offerings in this regard. While the performance of Resident Evil 7 will be the decider on new cloud-based games, it is said the company is eager to offer more of its games as it is relatively cheap to make these versions happen.

Now, what this means for us in the West is another question. Currently, the streaming version of Redient Evil 7 is only available in Japan, so it’s not even clear if Capcom has a desire to expand out into the broader world. However, if they do and they do decide to expand their library… well, we might finally have a way to get the constantly asked for Monster Hunter World onto the system. I know that would please a great many buyers.