Crunchyroll is Bringing Your Favorite Anime to Steam for a Special Summer Sale

Crunchyroll, the world’s largest destination for anime and manga with over 40 million registered users and over 1 million subscribers, is bringing all your favorite anime to Steam for a special summer sale! From June 21st to July 5th, fans will get the chance to download favorite titles such as:

  • The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Season 1 Volume 1)
  • Black Clover (Season 1 Block 1)
  • Kino’s Journey
  • Food Wars! The Third Plate
  • Hina Logic
  • And more!

Summer is the perfect time to binge on your favorite anime, and new anime as well. I, personally, will be binging a number of new shows this summer in preparation of Otakon. So head on over to Steam and start watching!

About Veronica Webb

Veronica Webb is a self professed comic book nerd, with a strong focus on Archie and Golden Age comics. She also enjoys Disney World more than the average person, and bad movies. Speed Racer is one of her favorite movies. Seriously.