Rumor Mill: Simon Belmont Coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Of all the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate rumors to come across in the past week, this one certainly has some teeth and is worth paying attention to. Pretty much every website and forum discussing the game’s roster has some kind of rumor thread going on at the moment as to who might be the next character revealed to be on the roster as we make our way to the December release.

The latest to come up is Simon Belmont from Konami’s Castlevania series. It’s not like the character wouldn’t be a good fit considering all the other human fighters in the game as we could see him grappling with his whip and throwing holy water at people. And having Snake from Metal Gear Solid in the game already dismisses the idea that Konami wouldn’t be on board. But it’s the source people are attributing it to that has this one so high on the flagpole.


Several sites are pointing the reveal to this post on GameFAQ’s by a user named Vergeben, who accurately predicted over a month ago that Metroid‘s Ridley would be added, as well as the return of the Ice Climbers. Now they’re saying that Simon will be a character in the game and that his reveal is coming soon. If that’s true, that’s awesome news for nostalgic Castlevania fans and another feather in the crossover cap for Nintendo. But… until Nintendo actually comes out with more Super Smash Bros. Ultimate news, we gotta file it under rumor because there’s no way to prove it’s real yet. If it is real, that’s pretty awesome!


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