Geoff Johns Talking With Bryan Hill to Tie Up Versions of The Outsiders

Geoff Johns Talking With Bryan Hill to Tie Up Versions of The Outsiders

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This week has seen DC Comics writers travel to Burbank to make plans for the DC Universe coming up. Which has also allowed Geoff Johns to talk with Bryan Hill about his upcoming issues of Detective Comics.

Dark Days: The Forge #1 SPOILERS

This Batman comic with the title ‘On The Outside’; is set to follow up on teases in Detective Comics and Metal of a new Outsiders team, intended to spinoff into a new Outsiders comic.

The only difficulty is that Doomsday Clock also is setting up a new team of Outsiders, using similar characters and locations such as Markovia.

This has come as a result of severe editorial firewalls regarding Doomsday Clock and the very-near-future of the DC Universe that seem impenetrable to those working on the present day DC Universe. It’s all meant to tie in at some point, but I understand that people are working in the dark.

Well, the Writers Summit may be a way to solve that. And I understand that Geoff Johns has been working with Bryan Hill to find a way that their different Outsiders teams can complement each other and fit together in canon.

Which is also a lot easier now that Geoff has more time to write this kind of thing…


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