Fallout 76’s Beta is Coming to Xbox One First

It’s been announced that Xbox One players will be the first to get their hands on Fallout 76 in the wild as the upcoming beta period will be coming to Xbox One first.

Fallout 76 announcement photo

There are a lot of questions surrounding Fallout 76, that is certain. The traditionally single-player series is going to be going online for the first time ever, giving players the chance to build and settle their own Fallout communities, or of course, destroy the those of your enemies. Seeing how this all work is a big question, so there are plenty of eyes on the beta.

Well, the very first players to get their hands on the game will be those on Xbox. As spotted by CNET, a new FAQ for the game has revealed that when the beta goes live (which you gain access to by pre-ordering), if you play on Xbox One, you will get preference. It reads:

The B.E.T.A. will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and on PC (via Bethesda.net). Stay tuned for exact timing for each platform here and @Fallout on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please note that the B.E.T.A. for Xbox One will begin first, followed by other platforms.

A date for the beta hasn’t been announced yet, but the game is set to launch November 14, 2018 so it can’t be too far away. I, like many, am exceedingly curious to find out how this plays and I’m sure the beta will give us a fair shake at what the game is trying to do.