Dolph Ziggler Shocks All with a Stunning Win Over Seth Rollins

Last night on Monday Night RAW, Seth Rollins came out to declare an open challenge for anyone who wanted his Intercontinental Championship.

Ever since Rollins took the title from The Miz, he’s been on fire. Rollins is an amazing performer and has a lot of heart. It’s easy to see why he’s a fan favorite. Well, tonight he offered an open challenge for his title, and Dolph Ziggler accepted said challenge. Accompanied by Drew McIntyre, Ziggler looked poised and ready.

It was a good match with some close calls, but in the end Ziggler came out on top. Yes, Ziggler won the Intercontinental Championship.

I, for one, am pleasantly surprised. Ziggler earned this, and I’m glad to see his hard work paying off. Sadly Monday Night Rollins is canceled (for now), but I’m glad to see the IC title back on a heel.

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