Alterac Pass is Live in Heroes of the Storm

A piece of the Warcraft universe has finally arrived into the Heroes of the Storm Nexus with the release of the Alterac Pass mapThis snow covered three lane map is the newest battleground added to the MOBA alongside the all new hero Yrel.

And not only can you test your might on Alterac Pass, but you can also do it while showing your allegiance to the Horde or the Alliance with the all new Warcraft Skins. You can also ride into battle on your Horde Frostwolf Mount or on the Alliance Stormpike Ram Mount for added representation.

Alterac Pass comes with some new game mechanics including Prison Camps, Cavalry, and a General for each team. So you'll have to change up a bit of your gameplay, but not too much.

  • Prison Camps
    • Capture the enemy Prison Camp to summon your Cavalry
    • Camps can be retaken by Heroes and Minions, so guard them well
  • Cavalry
    • Cavalry soldiers charge down each lane when summoned granting increased damage and movement speed to nearby Allied Heroes.
  • Generals
    • Each team's Core has been replaced by a General who fights against attacking enemies. Destroying a Keep reduces the General's Armor and damage.

Additionally, the Paladin Yrel is available as a playable hero. Yrel's description reads:

In the hour of the Alliance's greatest need, a Hero of legend manifests to save them. Yrel, Light of Hope, is a deliberate Warrior with heavyweight abilities that reward patience and timing.

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