Snyder Cut of Justice League Basically Confirmed… It’s Only a Matter of Time Now

Zack Snyder may have finally moved on to making Man of Steel 2, but Synderbronies — true fans of the DCEU — haven’t given up hope that Warner Bros will one day release The Snyder Cut, a mythical version of Justice League which preserves Zack Snyder’s Vision in its pristine glory. Snyder had to leave Justice League before it was complete due to a personal tragedy, as we all know, and Warner Bros brought in alleged fake feminist Joss Whedon to replace all of Snyder’s sweet Supermen scenes with scenes where Cyborg says “booyah.” It ruined the film, making it a box office bomb, and deprived fans of the chance to witness the conclusion to a trilogy of grimdark masterpieces straight from Snyder’s brain.

Justice League Box Office

For those loyal Synderbronies, this undying devotion may be about to pay off. Justice League storyboard artist Jay Oliva took to Twitter to smack down a hater, Forbes “columnist” Mark Hughes, who claimed the Snyder Cut didn’t exist by revealing what all Snyderbronies already knew: the Snyder Cut is real, baby!

Hughes, who clearly has never read Ayn Rand and doesn’t understand the complexity of Zack Snyder’s genius, continued to argue that the cut didn’t exist, buy Oliva set the record straight:

So we’ve established that the Snyder Cut is real, and Warner Bros is holding it back purely out of spite. Now, how do we get our hands on it? The answer may come in the form of a savior: global telecommunications conglomerate AT&T. AT&T is set to take over Warner Bros soon, and someone in the upper echelons of the company must be a Snyderbrony themselves. Making the rounds on the internet over the weekend, Synderbronies have been contacting AT&T asking about the Snyder Cut, and AT&T reps have responded with what we can only possible take as an ironclad promise to release the film in the future:

AT&T gets it. The only way to save the DCEU is by releasing the Snyder Cut. And now, we play the waiting game…


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