John Cena Would Do Anything for Love and Nikki Bella... Yes, Even That

John Cena Would Do Anything for Love and Nikki Bella… Yes, Even That

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The ongoing angle — or whatever it is — between Nikki Bella and John Cena is operating under a strange timeline, with the couple seemingly acting out the plotline of Total Bellas in real time in the press even though the actual episodes were recorded months ago. One thing has remained consistent, however, throughout every season of Total Bellas and Total Divas – John Cena will not have children.

Cena has been so adamant about it, in fact, that he’s even had a certain surgical procedure to make it impossible…

Ok, maybe not quite like that. But he did have a vasectomy, which makes it understandably difficult for him to give in to Bella’s wishes and have her babies, as he’s now said he’s willing to do. However, when it comes to rekindling his relationship with Bella after Total Bellas returns from a mid-season hiatus, there’s no obstacle that will stand in John Cena’s way.

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So if Cena needs to get his vasectomy reversed so that he and Nikki Bella can have kids, he’s willing to do that, he revealed on last night’s mid-season finale of Total Bellas while we were all watching Money in the Bank. And presumably, he’ll film it for Total Bellas Season 4.


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