Hoodslam Celebrates a Milestone with Women’s Shirts Outselling Men’s

Wrestling has seen a spike in popularity lately. With the promotion of more inclusiveness in wrestling and indie shows starting to upstage even the mainstream shows, it’s no wonder that Hoodslam┬áhas sold more women’s shirts than men’s!

Hoodslam is an indie wrestling company based out of Oakland, California, and is an edgier, adults-only promotion. It’s an absurd, profound, and rather incredible promo. If you’ve never seen them, Google them. You will not be let down. The fact that they managed to do something like this is incredible — especially when you factor in WWE’s women’s push with Barbie dolls, merch, and more. Hoodslam has figured it out, and by golly, I am here for this. Good job, Hoodslam.

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