Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, 17th June 2018 - Man of Steel Takes The Top

Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, 17th June 2018 – Man of Steel Takes The Top

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This is the Top 10 Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the “Wednesday Warriors”, those who can’t wait to the weekend to get this week’s comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

It helps that it didn’t have a Tom King Batman or a Doomsday Clock to compete with. But Man Of Steel has finally taken the top of the charts with the third issue, as stores also report increasing their advance reorders for the series which, after a much-below-anticipated start, is now topping the charts…

  1. Man Of Steel #3
  2. Thor #1
  3. Hawkman #1
  4. Batman Prelude to the Wedding: Batgirl vs Riddler #1
  5. Detective Comics #982
  6. The Flash #48
  7. The Magic Order #1
  8. Venom #2
  9. Plastic Man #1
  10. Mister Miracle #9

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DC is back to dominating with six of the Top Ten spaces at FFF this week. Man of Steel has been soaring above every other title all three weeks so far and it shows no signs of slowing down! Store favorite Donny Cates shows up twice in our Top Ten with the #2 book Babyteeth and the #9 book Venom. Titans Special benefited heavily from the No Justice hype and was our third best selling book this week. Thor was the only Marvel book besides Venom to make the Top Ten, selling just one more copy.


Mark Millar’s new book was met with mediocre interest. It sold well, but not stellar numbers. Not that Stellar was a hit either. Star Wars seems to be finally slowing down as well, but we’ll see if it’s just a lull or a serious lack of interest on the part of the readers.

Batman is our highest subbed book at the moment so the Wedding tie-ins are naturally performing almost the same numbers. Seriously, I think 3 people on our massive Batman pull list declined the tie-ins. That might be the best that a series of related titles has ever sold concurrently to the main storyline at our store. Thor debuted really strong, Man of Steel keeps getting the #3 spot, and The Magic Order put itself up top with some rather bizarre marketing. I haven’t investigated too deep, but 4 or 5 people came in at separate times saying the same thing to the effect of “I heard Netflix is doing a limited printing of a book called The Magic Order”. Not Image, not Millarworld, but Netflix. Limited Edition. Sounds like some 90’s carry-over. Immortal Men sold more issues than the #2 probably due in part to that eye-catching cover. Oblivion Song dipped hard and didn’t even make the top 10. Very strange, and it will probably sell about the same for us as Outcast when it’s all said and done.


Another really good week of sales. Many books over performed my expectations. Thor #1 did exceptional well; as did Venom #2. While Flash # 48 only came in at number eight on our top ten, its selling 30% higher than average. People really seem to like this Flash War story line.


MISTER MIRACLE is still going strong, and #9 was our bestseller this week, followed by MAN OF STEEL #3 and some new series debuts–Millar and Coipel’s first series with Netflix THE MAGIC ORDER and Aaron and Del Mundo’s latest take on THOR.

A relatively Bat-book light week, though DETECTIVE COMICS is still sitting rather comfortably in the top half of our sales rankings. Top spot this week goes to MAN OF STEEL #3, with THOR #1 close on it’s heels. The top of the list is rounded out by FLASH #48 and the most recent issue of the always-a-welcome-sight MONSTRESS.


Other titles that performed well this week include DOMINO #3, MISTER MIRACLE #9, and the most recent effort at a HAWKMAN #1.
Excellent week for new comics. Detective Comics and Flash took the top spots. Starting to understand why Marvel has so many first issues every month. Other than Star Wars titles, playing the renumbering game is the only way a superhero title is able to sell for Marvel. DC had their own first issues this week, Hawkman 1 did very good. Plastic Man #1 surprised me also, while not in the top ten it is selling. Venom 2 dropped off very badly from the first issue.


DC took four of our top five, seven of our top ten, and eleven of our top twenty places this week. Image’s Magic Order took fifth place, outranking every Marvel (even Thor #1!), making this our strongest Image first-day performer of the year. The rapid falloff of all New Age of DC Heroes titles is disturbing; more than half our pull-list customers who were buying these titles have dropped theme from their pull lists in the past few weeks.


Thrilled to see Two-In-One Annual make it on our top 10, especially since it’s ESSENTIAL to the current storyline and explains important open plot threads from SECRET WARS.  Solid week with big releases brought customers out – and pleased that they came!

Notable Sales

Amazing Spider-Man #300 VF $500. We’re set up at Heroes Con this weekend so naturally there are three books that people always want: ASM 300, Uncanny X-men 266, and New Mutants 98. We’ve got all three and the first to sell was this really sharp and vibrant red copy of Venom’s first appearance.

New Mutants #98 NM $400

SubMariner #1 VG+ $90. A very nice Marvel classic that is getting scarcer these days I’m noticing. It’s a safe bet that he’s MCU bound if the Fox deal ever gets off the ground.

Totally Awesome Hulk #22 9.9 $1,000. The only 9.9 in the registry for this book and it has already found itself a happy home.

Tales of Supense #395 $2,500. Never Underestimate Facebook’s reach, we had this pictures of this book along with other big keys on Facebook the moment we got it and it was sold within 4 hours. Within the first few days of the post we had already moved a first Hawkeye, First Doctor Strange, Amazing Spider-man #8 and #6, and an FF #13. Thank you Facebook!

Superman #24 4.5 $1,500. This CBCS graded classic flag cover flew up, up, and away yesterday afternoon.

Action Comics #252 4.5 (ESTIMATED) $1,400. The demand for Silver Age continues to increase; this nice mid grade copy of Supergirls’ first appearance sold in less than a week!

Superman vs Muhammed Ali #1 VF $100. This great Treasury Edition only lasted about two weeks before someone pulled the trigger on it.

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