Say Hello to My Little Fist: Jordan Kroeger's 'The Fist' Packs a Punch

Say Hello To My Little Fist

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Jordan Kroeger writes:

After several failed attempts at working with writers to get books off the ground, I decided to just draw what I wanted. It turns out, what I want to draw is people punching each other, monsters, spaceships, and people punching each other.

My name is Jordan Kroeger and I “write” and draw a comic called The Fist. The quotation marks refer to the fact that about 25% of what’s on the page is written out beforehand. The book is very free-flowing and totally focused on the action, inspired by all the comics, cartoons, and video games I grew up with.

It’s about a dude called The Fist, who expresses himself though punching, and his wife Ship, who is a spaceship. They’re on the run from the Evil Space Army that created them, and they fight for money along the way. If that doesn’t sound like a good time to you, then you can get punched in the face. Or if it does, you can still get punched in the face, because one of the Kickstarter rewards is you can be drawn into the comic and get your face punched.

Other rewards include a 3D-printed figurine, ashcan mini-comics, original cover art, and anything-you-want commission art. I also have a ton of cool pin-ups by a ton of cool people. Like this one by Tyrell Cannon.

Here’s the link to the Kickstarter. Check out my Twitter or Instagram for updates and art and stuff. I’m @jkroeg.

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