#SDCC’s Ready Party One: Bernie Bregman Talks Event Planning

Geek Gatsby Bernie Bregman is putting on a party at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), one of the biggest pop culture events in the world.  Sure, this isn’t a press-stopping event, as the annual convention often has some of the most talked about after-hours events in the geek community, but what sells it is Bregman’s passion and drive.

Bregman on stage at Stan Lee’s 95th birthday party, photo by Conwoman Photography

In a post on his Facebook page today, Bregman spoke a bit about how he got to where he is now — producing fandom-centric events across the state (and country) — and the highly anticipated SDCC 2018 event, Ready Party One.

On my way to San Diego to walk venues for the comic con parties… I still can’t believe I’m producing multiple parties at San Diego Comic Con, the world’s largest pop culture event. The realization is exciting and the experience is humbling: 10 years ago I was wasting away as a multi-store manager in retail. It’s something I was very good at but not as passionate about. I knew I was settling and bowing to pressures around me.

The most exciting part of any week was the two hours at Rocky Horror where I got to entertain ppl and feel like I was putting smiles on faces. At the time I remember thinking:

“If I end up in family life soon and leave this behind I could look back on the adventure that was my 20s and feel like I did something unique and special and I had really lived”

That could have been enough but I wasn’t taking any risk- I found a thing I was comfortable with, gave it my all, and coasted for a while. I didn’t know our little nerd world was about to explode and take over popular culture, and I couldn’t have imagined the opportunities that would open. But here we are. I’ve learned from success and mistakes of the past, more from the mistakes TBH. My 30s have been crazy, amazing, weird, and transformative and I’m just starting to hit my stride. I think? Who knows, but I’ve learned the value of teamwork, collaboration, relationship building, and sharing.

Bregman on stage with the Flux Capacitors during Los Angeles Comic Con 2016, photo by Conwoman Photography

I don’t need to be the dominant voice in the room to achieve my vision. You can never surround yourself with enough talent and often the best thing to do is share your vision and then get out of the way and let talented people do what they do. So on this walk through I’ll ask a few questions of the venue but mostly just be there to support the incredibly talented ladies of Damn Good Shindig who I’m so freaking excited to be partnered with, along with Nerdbot and The Flux Capacitors!

We’ve sold half our total capacity in 5 days of launch- there aren’t words to describe how amazing that feels, and we know we can’t disappoint what will be a sell out crowd because we hope this will be the start of an annual event that might even travel. 🤷‍♂️ (grab those tix while you can, I don’t imagine they’ll be there the week of)
There’s a world of options when you’ve got the right team.

This coming week I’ll be launching tix for the Thursday night party event I started last year. This year Dante Basco is back and we’ve partnered with Super News and the Fan Guru app. Dan Fogler (Fanboys and Fantastic Beasts) will be joining us as well as we throw it back to the 90s and dance the night away! I hope you’ll join us for this one too- for nerds by nerds.

I appreciate every form of support you guys have ever given me, from shares and invites to contact hookups, patronage to words of encouragement, letting me bounce ideas off you for feedback, showing me things I may not be seeing, helping me be better. It keeps me rocking in the nerd world. Weather we shared a stage and you inspired me or we shared a table and you imparted some wisdom on to me, I appreciate you and theres not enough tags on FB to get to everyone because I’ve been surrounded and influenced by too many amazing ppl ♥️

The 21+ Preview Night after party will feature performers like The Flux Capacitors, a DJ set by Chuck Nöne, celebrity guests, and more. You can purchase tickets now.

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