World of Tanks: Mercenaries is Definitely Going to be Tricky

World of Tanks: Mercenaries is Definitely Going to be Tricky

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World of Tanks: Mercenaries is slated to release on June 26th for the console versions of Wargaming’s hit game, and while it brings a new nation, new tanks, and new crews, it also brings a new set of campaign War Stories. The Mercenaries stories are designed based on fan feedback to increase the difficulty level of the campaign missions pretty significantly. We got to play through a mission called The Heist, which was split into three parts of incredibly exacting real-time strategy tank combat. Which was probably not the ideal way to get thrown into World of Tanks after not really playing a whole lot of it before.

The missions pitted players and an AI crew against far more enemy tanks than you would comfortably want to take on at once, with specific objectives to capture or complete, with a story across all three parts, as part of the new storyline that Wargaming is rolling out with Mercenaries. Honestly, I lost track of the number of enemy tanks that outgunned me, because I was quickly outnumbered. And in most cases, outmaneuvered and far too squishy.

So basically, I got my armored butt handed to me by the enemy tank AI pretty frequently.

However, the combat didn’t seem imbalanced, it was definitely a skill and familiarity issue. Which just means the demo was a challenge. So players who felt that previous War Stories were too easy will be pretty satisfied with Mercenaries.

And hey, the new contracts system allows players to get tanks in a more streamlined fashion, which is never a bad thing. While we couldn’t really play around with this during the demo, we did get a chance to look at the new tanks and they’re pretty interesting builds. After all, they are kind of pieced together hunks of junk, with some extra cosmetic touches to get that proper homespun feel to them.

Which means they look awesome.

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