Who Has Control Of Stan Lee's Twitter Account Now?

Who Has Control Of Stan Lee’s Twitter Account Now?

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A few weeks ago, Stan Lee tweeted that he had finally regained control of his Twitter account, but that he couldn’t regain access to his Facebook page. Before that, Stan Lee’s Twitter account had transformed into one that tweeted out pop culture news and was believed to be controlled by POW Entertainment. Then things changed again.

Who runs Stan Lee's twitter account?


Some were suspicious that, given Stan Lee’s sudden propensity to tweet about his ‘best friend’ Keya Morgan, Marilyn Monroe, and images of him and John Travolta that were taken with Keya Morgan last year as if they were now, combined with Stan Lee’s macular degeneration affecting his eyesight that possibly, just possibly, Keya Morgan was the one actually managing his Twitter account.

Now Keya Morgan has a restraining order placed against him and was arrested on charges of filing a false police report, based on allegations that he ‘swatted’ LAPD on Stan Lee’s own security guard, Richard Shepp, had seemingly been fired for not signing an NDA subsequent to the May 30, 2018 welfare check on Stan Lee by law enforcement and Adult Protective Services.

It’s been a hell of a year.

But as of yesterday, Stan Lee’s Twitter account from much of that year and before seemed to have  been wiped out, everything deleted until that first tweet a few weeks ago.

It is now, basically, Stan Lee saying what a great guy Keya Morgan is. Talking about Marilyn Monroe. And showing photos of him and Keya.

Until you click on Replies – and then you see all 8000 plus tweets. But none of them are searchable using Twitter. It’s like a semi-account deletion. And it’s rather odd.

Hopefully, someone can tell the guys at Twitter what is going down – their co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey had certainly been taking an interest. At the time, he replied supportively to this tweet, but seems to have since deleted it.

It’s a bit of a mystery. Anyone have any suggestions? Here’s a look at Stan’s Twitter account history…

Editor’s Note:  It should be noted that the lack of normal activity evident between March 2016 and early March 2018 is apparently due to some prior deletion.  The prior existence of very many tweets by Lee’s twitter account during that two year period can be independently verified.


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