EVE Online's Arms Race Update is Live, as is the Grand Prix

EVE Online’s Arms Race Update is Live, as is the Grand Prix

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CCP Games has launched the Arms Race update for EVE Online, which introduces greater accessibility and variety for players with free-to-play accounts. Alpha Clones were introduced in last year’s Ascension update and enable players to permanently join EVE Online without having to pay for the pleasure. In order to close the gap between paid and free players, CCP Games has opened up more skills, ships, and weaponry for Alpha pilots.

In order to make Alpha Clones’ accounts more worth the nearly endless grind required to play EVE, CCP Games has given them the ability to pilot Battleship and Battlecruiser class vessels, as well as several other ships from the various Empires and Pirate factions that make up the more popular ship choices in the game. In order to supplement the change, free players now have access to skills that allow them to use upgraded weapon systems, or giving them access to the more powerful ships would be a bit useless.

The Arms Race update also brings a new training option for Alpha Clones, with the ability to accrue skillpoints on a daily, rather than monthly basis using Daily Alpha Injectors. While these injectors can only be used once per day, per Alpha character, they can be activated immediately to add 50,000 skillpoints into a pilot’s unallocated skill point pool.

To mark this release, CCP has issued a new video highlighting the vessels now accessible for free. You can check them out below.

Additionally, the Federation Grand Prix is live. Running until 26th June, EVE players will be able to take part in the Grand Prix, which requires them to race across the galaxy and prove that they are the fastest pilot in New Eden.

Accessed in-game via The Agency in the Neocom menu, this live event will see players race against the clock as they fly past some of most iconic sites, systems and wrecks in known space. Players can claim great rewards for every event milestone reached and will face a new race course each time they compete. As each race course is different, players will need to keep a close eye on their next destination.

More info on the event can be found here.

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