Lab Zero Games and 505 Games Show Us More of Indivisible

If you love Metroidvania type RPGs where you have a variety of characters, then 505 Games and Lab Zero Games have something you might enjoy in Indivisible. Without giving too much away, the game will have you starting off as a young woman who is venturing into some not-so-friendly temples and caves on a few different missions and quests. Along the way, you’ll meet other people who will join your party and give you a four-person team which you can attack foes RPG style. The characters line up to your controller in a plus-formation, so depending on who stands where, they’re controlled by that button on the right. Each person gets two attacks, and if you hit them in the right sequence, you can chain them together and get off tons of damage on your enemies.

credit//505 Games

There’s a bit of dungeon crawling to this as well, as each area brings in new puzzles and challenges for you to traverse, as well as things to pick up and collect that can be used by other party members. One of the best parts of this is that rather than returning to a town to get more items, you can go into a sort of trance to get the things you need. Indivisible has been pushed back to 2019, and we weren’t given any info about a possible demo or alpha test, so we’ll just have to keep our ears to the ground for now and wait to see how it shakes out. But overall, we loved the experience.

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