California Tiki: Voodoo Island (1957), a Strange Little Thriller

California Tiki: Voodoo Island (1957) Takes Place in a Voodoo-Less Area, but the Giant Man-Eating Plants Don’t Care

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We talk Voodoo Island (1957) a strange little thriller about a very modern Mythbusters-style hoax investigator trying to disprove the existence of Voodoo. That should work out for him, since the movie takers place in the South Pacific and Voodoo is a Haitian concept, but don’t get distracted by sense: this is an expedition movie, complete with rope bridges, man-eating plants, voodoo dolls, restless “natives”, and baffling casting choices. Voodoo Island (1957) starring Boris Karloff is a prime example of American mid-century fascination/exploration/exploitation of the South Seas.

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