An Unexpected Surprise As We Try Out Metal Max Xeno with NIS America

When going over the list of games for NIS America at E3, we got an unexpected surprise as they had a demo of Metal Max Xeno available. Honestly, we weren’t expecting to see the game until maybe PAX West at the earliest, but here it was, a working demo for us to play around with. We weren’t given much as the demo clearly has bits and pieces of the story compiled together and you’re thrown into the mix pretty quickly. But we got enough to where we were able to tell people who we were, get our red tank (which I named Sally) and fine a commune of humans to stay with and eventually befriend.

credit//NIS America

While the game itself was fun to try out, the real fun we had while playing was making our own voices up for the dialog, as there’s currently no voice cast assigned to what you’re reading on screen. It was an interesting game to try out and get a feel for as you’re going from piece to piece of the story, but there wasn’t enough here to really form a great opinion on. Aside from the fact that we enjoyed killing a killer robot with a tank blast, that was awesome. Metal Max Xeno is set for release in North America and Europe sometime in the third quarter of 2018.

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