Twitch Suspends Account of Destiny Streamer NDS_Talon

Twitch Suspends Account of Destiny Streamer NDS_Talon

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Destiny streamer NDS_Talon had his Twitch channel taken down after reports of his past sexual misconduct started gaining traction over the last week or so. His channel is suspended for at least 30 days, according to a comment he made a week ago. We’ve asked Twitch for clarification, but they tend to not comment on Partner suspensions as a point of policy.

Talon, real name Gavin David Cummins, was convicted of engaging in sexual activity with an underage girl in July of 2014. The girl was 16 and Cummins was 25 at the time. He served 180 days of incarceration with three years of mandatory probation. He was released in just 90 days for good behavior and has completed his probation sentence. In September of 2015, he began a rehabilitation program and is set to graduate this September.

Talon apologized for his behavior last week, saying that he is entering therapy.

However, in the last 48 hours, he has gone on the defensive after some serious backlash from the wider games community.

Talon is also facing trouble from the content of his streams. After all, his online persona is “I am Alpha” with the toxic hyper-masculinity that entails. He’s also made some rather prejudiced remarks about people of various races. And yes, he has played alongside minors, without changing any of that behavior. So naturally, the backlash against him was swift and a bit vicious.

His Twitch account is currently deactivated and will remain that way for at least another 20 days.

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