Team Ninja Releases a Nioh 2 Trailer and Says Nothing After

Team Ninja Releases a Nioh 2 Trailer and Says Nothing After

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Probably the strangest case of all hype and no info comes to us from Team Ninja, who released a Nioh 2 trailer during PlayStation’s E3 press conference. Normally, when a company pushes out a trailer, there’s something to show for it, even if it’s just the video link on your YouTube channel. Today, we only got a video for the upcoming PlayStation sequel and nothing more from the company, leaving us all kind of wondering how much of what we just looked at has to do with the game and how far along they actually are with a sequel.

It wouldn’t be the first time we got teased about something in a game that had little to nothing to do with the actual plot. If you recall, Hideo Kojima gave interviews about Death Stranding a month after the second trailer hit where he basically admitted that there are things in the trailer that have nothing to do with the game, or are smaller aspects of it that will be shown later. The fact that Team Ninja isn’t even talking about it after the release suggests to us that we basically got some images made specifically for a trailer but very little of what is actually about the game is being shown. Maybe they’ll give us some more info about Nioh 2 during E3.

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