UFC Shocker: CM Punk Lost His Second MMA Fight

You may want to sit down for this one, MMA and Pro Wrestling fans, because it’s going to come as a shock. CM Punk didn’t win his UFC fight last night against Mike Jackson. Punk lost his second MMA fight in a unanimous decision after three rounds, in which he landed little offense and in which Jackson seemed to be playing with him for most of the fight. Punk’s MMA record is now 0-2, as he also lost his first fight to Mickey Gall.

Following the match, Punk took to Twitter to look for a silver lining, specifically the fact that he won his court case against WWE lawyer Chris Amann earlier in the week.

Unfortunately, court battles don’t count in MMA, so that won’t help his actual record. Prior to the fight, Punk had stubbornly insisted that he would continue with mixed martial arts no matter the outcome, though UFC honcho Dana White said after the fight that CM Punk is done in UFC. Surely, another organization would be willing to sign punk under the assumption that there are still fans left willing to see him get beat up by more experienced fighters, or even better, willing to pair him with fighters bad enough that Punk might actually win.

Has anyone ever thought about having Punk compete in matches where the outcome was predetermined? It’s a crazy idea, but it just might work is all we’re saying.

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