Bethesda Softworks Reveals Fallout 76 is Completely Online

The folks at Bethesda Softworks finally dropped all the info they could about Fallout 76, and it appears they may have just pleased a good chunk of the fanbase. Aside from getting to see the trailer again that was released earlier today at the Xbox conference, we got to see new footage and find out more about the story. You play as a new person walking out of the first shelter to open up, #76, the one sealed up for the tricentennial and cracking open in 2101.

Fallout 76 announcement photo

The big news for the game is that it is completely online and will essentially be an experience that you can play solo or team up with people to accomplish. You can build your own homes, forge a new prosperous life, even seek out like-minded people to share in building your own commune and protecting it from all of the creatures that may be nearby. Because let’s be honest, you can defend your property just by yourself without a ton of armor and guns.

The company released some helpful videos to show off what you can do in the game, including our favorite section called Atomics For Peace, where you can partner up with people to get nuclear launch codes for one of the dozens of silos spread throughout the map and launch them against the neighbors, And after hitting them, wade into the wasteland you just created to salvage goods that survived the fallout. Also, to assure Fallout 76 works, they’ve offered up a beta to get all the bugs worked out before its broken.

The game will be out on November 14th, and prior to release, you can buy the Power Armor edition that comes with a glow in the dark map, figures to stick to it, and a wearable helmet! Enjoy the trailer for that below!

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