X-ual Healing – The Goose Chase for a Satisfying Story Continues in Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost #2

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HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: Weapon Lost #2 (of 4)
Cover by GREG LAND Variant Cover by MATTEO BUFFAGNI
• DAREDEVIL and his squad of ace detectives – FRANK McGEE, MISTY KNIGHT and CYPHER – continue their search for the missing WOLVERINE, hoping to stir up a lead by questioning folks in the MARVEL UNIVERSE who might have a grudge against Logan.
• In other words… half the MARVEL UNIVERSE!
• But when their investigation hits pay dirt, the squad starts to think they might just wrap things up more quickly than they ever imagined.
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99

In Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost #2, Daredevil, Misty Knight, Inhuman detective Frank McGee, and Cypher are looking for the corpse of Wolverine. But we know they won’t find him, because he’s back. And we know they won’t find the live Wolverine either, because he’s not actually returning until the following event, Return of Wolverine. So we’re basically just killing time here.

In the airship this team has for some reason, twenty thousand feet above Pennsylvania, the team ponders how to track down Wolverine when Cypher has compiled a list of all the Wolverine sightings in the world since he died, and they’re all over the freaking place. After a brief discussion where they acknowledge that Cypher raiding people’s private data to compile this list was probably bad, but that they don’t care enough not to do it, Daredevil asks Cypher to filter the list. Unfortunately, this is feeding Cypher’s internet addiction, but we’ve already established this team has very flexible morals, so they agree to worry about it later.

Cypher weeds out all the less reliable sightings, or sightings of other Wolverines (there are a lot of them), and come up with a more reasonable number. Speaking of spying, Daredevil uses his enhanced senses to determine that there’s a budding romance between Misty and Frank. Before they head off to track down leads, Frank does us the courtesy to explain that this ship is an Attilan Security Force ship, and he’s borrowing it.

We take a brief interlude to a ranger station in the Candian wilderness, where some rangers are injured, seeking extraction, and a shadowy, menacing figure approaches their cabin. In Manhattan, at the McCarthy Medical Institute, Frank and Misty show a nurse a photo they stole from the hospital security cameras of Wolverine dropping off some flowers. The nurse isn’t pleased that they’ve hacked the hospital, but she does remember the flowers, which Misty suspects were for Jane Foster. How the hell does Wolverine know Jane Foster? Next, in Phoenix, at a biker bar, Frank busts a local gang leader who is lying about beating up Wolverine once. The biker is mad, so Frank kicks his ass. Next, in Chicago, Misty interrogates a guy who posted about Wolverine on social media, but took it down because she was worried it was going to get him in trouble at work. Is there a point to this?

Back at the ranger station in Canada, one of the rangers who was injured dies, while a three-clawed fist bursts through a door. That’s certainly looking pretty Wolverine-y. Back on Weapon Lost’s ship, the team hasn’t gotten very far, but a new Wolverine sighting pops up — the ranger station in Canada. They arrive in time to find almost everyone slaughtered, except for one woman ranger. Daredevil follows her trail, but it was a trap set by Wolverine to lead the team away from Cypher, who stayed behind to try to steal the dead rangers’ cellphones so he could get on the internet. What appears to be Wolverine slices his throat, and the comic ends there, mercifully for all of us.

The Bottom Line

This entire event is pointless, but this series is extra boring on top of that. Not a good combination. The page at the end where Wolverine slices Doug’s throat was literally the only page where something actually happened in this entire comic.

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