Ocean’s 8 is Looking at a $40M+ Opening Weekend

The early box office numbers for Ocean’s 8 are looking better than the early predictions. According to Variety the heist movie brought in $4 million from early Thursday screenings and another $15.8 million on Friday. If the numbers stay true Ocean’s 8 is looking at a closer to $40 million domestic opening compared to the $30 million analysts were predicting just a week or so ago. If the movie clears $40 million on its opening weekend it’ll have the biggest domestic opening of the franchise. Even if it just misses the $40 million mark the movie will still be opening at about the same as the male counterparts which averaged $36-$39 million.

Ocean's 8 trailer

Solo: A Star Wars Story is chugging along in its third week with a $14 million weekend though it might not stay in second place. The second Star Wars anthology movie has cleared $280 million worldwide.

Deadpool 2 is looking like the third place winner this week. The comic book movie is in its fourth weekend and is looking at a solid $12.75 million. This movie is just as much as juggernaut as the first one and has brought in $619 million from the worldwide box office.

A24’s Hereditary is finally here after making a solid run in the festival circuit. The indie horror movie is looking as a $12 million weekend and it seems that word of mouth could be helping this one.

Avengers: Infinity War is looking like it’ll bring in another $6 million in its seventh weekend with a worldwide total of $1.9 billion. Finally, Hotel Artemis isn’t a full scale train wreck but it’s not exactly doing well either. The movie is looking a $3.24 million opening weekend. When three of the other movies ahead of you are in at least their third weeks or later that says a lot.

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