A Rock Band in a Comic Shop: MrENC Plays Coliseum of Comics in Florida Tonight

Lakeland, Florida’s comic book artist and illustrator Bump Galletta is the artist for rock band MrENC’s shows, he is Jamie Hewlett to MrENC‘s Damon Albarn.

And now they are moving inside the comic book show. Coliseum of Comics’ Lakeland store will be hosting MrENC w/Joshua Robinson & Super Friends. Where Galleta will be doing a live drawing installation piece to accompany the set.

The show is accompanied by the release of their new single It’s Just A Matter Of Time, as MrENC choosing to release singles one at a time before releasing them all as an album.

Here’s the single.

Here’s the store and the event... tonight from 6pm-8pm EDT.

If you’re going, take a photo or two and send them in…


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