Square Enix Officially Adds Mod Tools to Final Fantasy XV

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It’s been in the works for a minute, but finally, Square Enix has released modding tools for Steam players to use in Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. The company posted an official tutorial guide of how the tools work, of which we’ve posted a snippet of the info below. But essentially, in the right hands, you can change the assets and properties to make it look like whatever you feel like. Which means if you want to play as Homer Simpson wearing a leopard-print suit fighting off enemies with a lightsaber, you can create it. What’s more, you can upload your content to the Steam Workshop for others to download and use. Have fun giving Ciney a real pair of jeans.

Final Fantasy XV
credit//Square Enix

Mods can entirely change a familiar game situation or play experience. Great mods can become a sensation, but even minor ones can enrich your gameplay experience. The mod function is a toolbox and what you do with it depends entirely on the creativity of the community, yourself included! Mods supported by Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition include model mods, weapon mods, and costume mods. It is not difficult to create any of them, but depending on what goal you set for yourself, it may be quite challenging. Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Mod Organizer converts assets you’ve created into mods and can upload them to the Steam Workshop.

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