Overwatch is Holding a Double XP Weekend This Week

It figures, the weekend we’re preparing for all things E3 is the weekend Overwatch decides to throw another awesome event. All kidding aside, starting today through Monday morning, Blizzard has launched a Double XP Weekend in the game. The company was more than happy to post about it on social media today, as they kicked the event off early to give people as much time as possible to dive into matches and get the XP they want.

This is basically vital right now if you want anything from the Anniversary event because, if you’re like us, you’ve been getting a lot of junk items you don’t want from other events. While it was kind of them to open up the vault to allow players to win all of the skins and whatnot from the past two years that are usually under lockdown outside of events, winning almost every flag from the Olympics will set some people off pretty quickly. So it’s nice we have an option this weekend to get some of those boxes faster and plow through some of the lower-tier stuff to get true Overwatch gold.

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