Marvel Comics Has 8 Exclusive Retailer Variants for August 2018

Marvel Comics

Every month, Marvel offers retailers the chance to commission exclusive covers for certain titles — as long as they order thousands of copies. It’s an effective, if expensive way for both parties to a) get some promotion and create collectibles for the market, and b) up their orders. Begun by Dreamwave back in the day, it was popularised by IDW and now Marvel Comics does it more than anyone else with anywhere between five and 10 titles a month.

Back in May, for Marvel Comics’ so-called Fresh Start, they smashed their records and allowed retailers to commission exclusive covers for the following thirteen titles. However for July that was down to only five. And for August? They split the difference and are offering seven of them.

Fantastic Four #1 will probably be the big one.

But they will also have retailer exclusive variants in August for Infinity Wars #1, The Punisher #1, Cable/Deadpool Annual #1, Edge Of Spider-Geddon #1, Extermination #1, West Coast Avengers #1 and Venom: First Host #1.

Will your store be commissioning any of them? Just don’t expect anything quite as detailed as this one…

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