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Fortnite’s Latest Update Officially Adds the Bouncer Trap

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After being teased last week and almost assuredly being added to the game in no-time float after the word got out, Epic Games just added the new 4.3 update to Fortnite that officially brings back the Bouncer Trap to the game. The update isn’t all about the trap, but it is the highlight after dataminers found an updated version of it in the coding.

What they seem to have missed were all the other updates, such as Chrome Commandoes Diecast Jonsey and Chromium Ramirez being added to the Save The World area, or any of the bug fixes. The update actually wasn’t as large as many that had come before it, and aside from the items we have listed for you below, you can check out all the updated bug fixes at this link.



    • Bouncer trap added.
      • Rare trap.
      • Drops in stacks of 3 in Treasure Chests, Supply Drops, Supply Llamas or floor loot.
      • Can be placed on floors and walls.
      • Provides a jump boost upward or in a direction.



    • Diecast Jonesy
      • New Commando Hero
      • Available in the Event Store Wed, June 6 at 8pm ET.
    • Chromium Ramirez
      • New Commando Hero
      • Available in the Event Store Wed, June 6 at 8pm ET.

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