A Tour of Waterdeep: Photos from the Set of Dungeons & Dragons' Stream of Many Eyes

If you haven't been following my social media all weekend long, I got the honored privilege of being at the Dungeons & Dragons livestream on Twitch this past weekend called the Stream of Many Eyes. It was a rare chance to meet the D&D team, as well as many of the players and DMs you may see on a weekly basis on their channel playing games. We'll have interviews from some of those shows in the days and weeks to come, but we saw on social media that a lot of people wanted a better look at the town of Waterdeep created for the stream.

Please enjoy this gallery of images I took during both the final planning stages and during the Saturday afterparty that took place in the Yawning Portal bar which spread throughout the city. A lot of work and planning went into creating a tangible thing that many of us have only seen on sketch paper, paintings inside guides, and our own minds. Yeah, it may not be totally accurate to the description (some of us saw a few of you complaining about the size of the open well in the bar), but it was still an amazing set to chill out in and play with. Many thanks to the Dungeons & Dragons crew, as well as their PR team, the crew at 20 Studios where it was filmed, and everyone who came to either participate or just watch.

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