Let’s Talk About So You Think You Can Dance Season 15 Premiere

FOX series So You Think You Can Dance is back for it’s 15th season. The competition show starts with a series of auditions across the country where dancers are chosen to be sent forward to a semi finals in Las Vegas before making the actual top 20 performers.

Continually one of the most enjoyable reality shows (FIGHT ME), contestants often will go on to be featured prominently in national tours (like Lady Gaga) and films like The Greatest Showman.

Season 15 judges Mary Murphy, Nigel Lithgow, Vanessa Hudgens, Twitch

Judges this season are Twitch, Vanessa Hudgens, Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lithgow.

  • The first audition is a cortortionist, sort of The Ring meets dancing, Samara goes Hollywood
  • Nigel loved her concept, Vanessa gave her heart away. “It was so profound”.
  • Second audition shouts out to Twitch, says he was a huge inspiration
  • Wow, Mary’s annual botox looks great this year
  • Uhhhh, why are there three of them?

  • You know they weren’t terrible, something new, something different
  • All three got tickets to Vegas!
  • Ballroom is a hot genre in LA apparently, which we KNOW makes Mary happy
  • This next contestant has a prothetic leg, and oh my god she moves beautifully
  • Watching the judges react to her….oh, my heart
  • While I hate that they said no, I appreciate very much that they let her have the time
  • The next contestant up is a previous contestant from RuPaul’s Drag Race
  • Ms. Estranja- lip syncing for her life but on SYTYCD
  • Watching Twitch react to her deaddrops is pretty f*cking great
  • Nigel calls her first move a sheblam
  • Estranja is werkin’ that audience though
  • (I wish I could impart to you how amazing it is to have someone watch this contestant with someone who is waaaaay into Drag Race and HATES this particular Queen and is yelling NOOOOOOOOOOO)
  • Oh man, time for the hot mess montage
  • Woooow this tapper is pretty fabulous, but the production crew needs to remember how to mic for such a performance
  • Nigel stands up to applaud this young man, and it’s such a beautiful moment
  • Twitch leaves the judges table to come hug the kid, and the two dance together and it’s the most awesome thing.
  • This is what the show is about!


We get another probably three weeks of auditions before

So You Think You Can Dance airs on FOX on Mondays.

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