Brett Murdock: The Daredevil Who Would Be District Attorney

Brett Murdock: The Daredevil Who Would Be District Attorney

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In Orange County, California, one of the candidates running for District Attorney is Brett Murdock. His ads feature his last name MURDOCK prominently and recognisably as the Daredevil logo with BRETT taking the place of Marvel.

Take a look.

Compared to…

Here’s what he’s saying about himself:

Brett is a lifelong resident of Orange County. As Mayor and councilmember, Brett represented the city of Brea on several regional boards including serving as President of the Orange County Division of the California League of Cities.

In 2016, Brett was the Democratic endorsed candidate for Congress against Ed Royce in California District 39. Brett’s law practice is located in downtown Brea where he handles many areas of law including sexual harassment claims and victims’ rights issues.

Brett holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from University of California San Diego and a Juris Doctorate from Chapman Law School.

Q: Why are you running for DA?
A: I want to bring Democratic values to the DA’s office for the first time ever – a focus on rehabilitation instead of incarceration (it’s the right thing to do and it saves taxpayer money), ending the win-at-all-costs culture that has infected the current DA’s office, and rebuilding the office’s relationships with ALL communities in Orange County.

Q: What are you going to do as District Attorney?
A: I will work hard to increase transparency, accountability, and trust within the DA’s office. I will also do everything I can to confront the country’s growing opioid epidemic, expand the prosecutorial focus on crimes committed against the elderly, and aggressively prosecute hate crimes.

Q: How does your campaign relate to the rising tide of reform in Orange County?
A: The amount of energy for change that is coming from our communities is more than we’ve ever seen in our history. People are mobilizing in an unprecedented way to bring about real reform in Orange County and I am honored to be a part of it. I will work to change our district attorney’s office where serving justice first is the norm and earning the trust of our communities is our highest priority.

Q: Why are you the best candidate?
A: The incumbent has proven time again that he is inept and corrupt. His Republican challenger is a career politician and an ultra-conservative mainstay of Republican politics. Here are a few links to just some of the media coverage of my opponents:


Sadly no questions about why he dresses up in red leather and goes running around the rooftops at night.

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