Someone Recreated the Dark Souls Firelink Shrine in Digital LEGO Bricks

If you like LEGO and you also like Dark Souls, have we got the peanut butter/chocolate combo for you. Someone went ahead and recreated the Firelink Shrine from the game using virtual LEGO bricks and characters.

The designer using the YouTube name MythicMarty basically sat down and redesigned the game as if TT Games got a hold of the license and decided to make their own version of the game with nothing but LEGO pieces, and we have to be honest here, it looks pretty good! The video runs about five minutes with audio from the game and a few specific scenes outlined to throw hardcore fans back into the action.


MythicMarty even went into detail over the whole building process on Reddit, if you care to read over his notes when creating this miniature masterpiece. We just wanted to show it off because if you think about how much time it took to go frame by frame and re-create a game that large and in-depth in the form of LEGO bricks, that’s a huge chunk of time with no gain of profit. All because you love Dark Souls and wanted to do something different than others didn’t do. Good on them!

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