New York Comic Con, Fixing The NYCC Comics Pro Glitch

Last night, while I slept the sleep of the dead, Jude Terror noted on Bleeding Cool that a number of comic book professionals were getting their application for professional status attendance at this year’s New York Comic-Con. And, for some of the names mentioned, it seemed inexplicable.

Well, it seems that NYCC agrees with you. Which is why one of the top bods and all-round good-guys at ReedPOP, Event Director Mike Armstrong (last seen manning the booth at MCM London Comic Con last weekend) is on the case.

He tweeted out,

So, comic book professionals currently feeling rejected, don’t worry. You still have a very good chance. And someone to follow to find out more, just in case you aren’t already…

New York Comic-Con will be running at the Javits Center from October 4th to 7th this year.


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