Is Doomsday Clock Taking Place in 2018, 2019 or 2020? Quick Maths…

The timescale for when Doomsday Clock is taking place has been a bit up in the air.

Originally it was intended that Doomsday Clock was in the near future of the DC Universe and that when it concluded, that would be when the rest of the DC Comics timeline would catch up.

And the series added some elements to the DC Universe that we expected that the other DC Comics titles would start to prepare for. The worldwide acknowledgement of The Supermen Theory, that the US government was behind the preponderance of superheroes in America compared to the rest of the world, the riots that ensued, Batman getting a new costume, that kind of thing.

However, Bleeding Cool had been told that the rest of DC editorial don’t have a clue about any of that as DC President Geoff Johns has kept his cards rather close to his chest.

Everyone did get a bit of a breather when Doomsday Clock started to get later and switched to a bi-monthly schedule. However, there is only so late it can get. And there are already some contradictory dates.

The first few issues showed websites and articles from December 2017 regarding the Superman Theory and the reaction to it. However no other DC Comics titles, including Superman set during that period, had any reference to such a thing in that timeframe.

Might that be amended for the collection? Because the next date, a couple of issues later, is May 2019 already, detailing the changes that are going on in the news concurrent to the issue.

It doesn’t seem like a year-and-a-half would have passed between those moments – might that December 2017 have meant to have been 2018? Anything else?

We are told that Johnny Thunder is 102 years old.

Flash Comics #1 stated that Johnny Thunder was born on July 7th 1917. And we know how much Geoff Johns likes his research. Which – if he is indeed 102, it must be taking place in the summer of 2019 of later.

Maybe that May 2019 should have been May 2020? Or maybe the orderly rounded up?

Yes, yes, it is finickity to get that obsessed about time. But the comic is called Doomsday Clock. And it is the unauthorised sequel to Watchmen. So it comes with the territory.

Maybe… time is broken?

I know someone who said that once…


Maybe a certain someone is continuing to mess with time?


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