Bungie will Reveal Destiny 2’s Year 2 Content Plans on June 5th

In order to stand out from the crowd when it comes to E3, you’ve got to do something bold, something different. Bungie has decided to make their big reveal the week before the show begins in a Twitch livestream, which will tell us what we can expect from Destiny 2‘s second year of content.

Bungie made the announcement on the official Destiny twitter account this evening. The announcement didn’t give us much, just the date, time, and stream location. However, that’s enough to get our hopes up.

So far, we know that Year 2 content will begin with Year 2: Season 1 in September, to mark the game’s official first birthday. Year 2 will bring new gear collections, new expansions, new records, weapon slot changes, weapon randomization, and new gameplay modes.

Which gives us a nice, big blank slate of expectations. Though we can make some guesses. The original Destiny‘s various content expansions brought new planets, new enemy types, and new stories to add to the history of the Tower though Destiny: Rise of Iron did give us some insight into the Iron Lords. Destiny 2 has taken that and run with it. The sequel has used its expansions to examine elements that weren’t given enough time in the first game. Curse of Osiris delved into the background of a character who was really only referred to in passing during the first game. You heard his name all the time, every month when Trials came about, there was a whole lot of Osiris regalia. But little detail on the warlock himself. Warmind focused on Rasptuin, your AI ally from the base Destiny campaign, who was a fascinating character despite being sidelined early on in the story.

So we can probably expect more of that deep lore base for Destiny 2‘s second year. What exactly we’ll take a closer look at remains to be seen. Personally, I’m hoping for some background on Shaxx.

Regardless, we’ll find out next Tuesday at 9am PDT. You can watch the stream on Twitch.

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