BOOM! OGN First Looks: Wet Hot American Summer OGN and Wild's End: Journey's End

BOOM! OGN First Looks: Wet Hot American Summer OGN and Wild’s End: Journey’s End

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Are you interested in getting a first look at the upcoming Wet Hot American Summer OGN by Christopher Hastings and Noah Hayes, as well as Dan Abnett and I.N.J. Culbard’s Wild’s End: Journey’s End, but not enough to click on an article that only contains a preview of one or the other? Reader, this article is tailored to your very specific demographic!

BOOM! has released a first look at both of these upcoming books, starting with Wet Hot American Summer, reuniting the crew from the cult classic movie with a new story, due out in November, featuring a cover by Joe Quinones.

Camp Director Beth is relieved to have made it through week one of Camp Firewood in one piece…until the health department is called in for a surprise camp inspection! Now Beth, Coop, Katie, Andy, Susie, Gene, Nancy, Victor, Ben, McKinley, J.J., Gary, Gail, and the rest of Camp Firewood have 24 hours to – literally – clean up their act by bringing the camp up to code or this will be the last summer the camp is open! Luckily, the camp counselors are all onboard to pitch in…if they ever come back from partying in town.

In case you were wondering, that’s not the final art.

And as if that weren’t enough, here’s a first look at Wild’s End: Journey’s End, the conclusion to the Wild’s End trilogy that’s hitting comic stores on June 27th, bookstores on July 3rd.

Despite the military’s best efforts, the alien invaders have seized a firm grip on the world. Cities have been invaded and the countryside overrun, leaving little hope for humanity’s resistance. With few options left, the survivors will need to look to the very people they once feared to make a last ditch effort to turn the tide of the war.


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