Tom Ellis Sang to #SaveLucifer at MCM London Comic Con (VIDEO)

Sporting a set of horns for MCM London Comic Con, star of Lucifer and Miranda Tom Ellis took to the stage today to tell everyone how he was gutted when Lucifer was cancelled but was un-gutted when he saw the strength of the #SaveLucifer response.

He says that “conversations have started happening as a result of the conversation, so I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you.”

We were also regaled by tales of co-star Lauren German wearing specially designed “camel toe” underwear on the set, to be told to stop, and having to have them confiscated from her — only for Tom to wear her underwear himself for their last scene. He expected a strong reaction to the cliffhanger; he just didn’t expect the cancellation. He was asked the one thing he didn’t desire: Brexit. “Hard not to be political these days.” And he implored fans to watch and respond to the two bonus episodes airing on Monday that had been planned to be part of season 4… and then to tweet about it.

Then… he sang. A couple of songs — I managed to get most of them.

Just pretend he’s singing to you. And when it cuts off unexpectedly, well, that’s just reflective of the end of season 3.

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