Shadow of the Tomb Raider Director Says This Entry is Difficult

We don’t believe anyone who is looking forward to playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider was thinking that the game would be a walk in the park, but this week we found out that the game isn’t going to be your average Tomb Raider title either in terms of difficulty. In an interview with Edge Magazine, with pieces reprinted by WCCFTech, Game Director Daniel Chayer-Bisson talked about how hard the game is compared to previous titles in the series, to which he made no mistake in letting you know you’re in for a challenge this time around.

This will be, I would say, the most difficult Tomb Raider of all the Tomb Raiders. That is important because this is a more experienced Lara. This is going to be bigger, it’s going to be harder, and that tomb shows the first ever puzzle you’ll solve and it’s very difficult. The checkpoints are not far away from when you die, so having these gruesome deaths make you feel bad to fail, and do everything to stay alive.

What that ultimately means for fans who are looking ahead is that you might want to crank out the previous two games and try beating them on the hardest difficulty settings so you can get in some practice. Because if normal is hard, we can only imagine what hard in Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be.

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