What Might Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp's Green Lantern Be Like?

What Might Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp’s Green Lantern Be Like?

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Bleeding Cool has recently been reporting on what has been internally described at DC Comics as a “creative refresh“. New titles and creative teams include Brian Azzarello on Suicide Squad, Kelly Sue DeConnick on Aquaman, David F. Walker on a Flash project – and Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp on Green Lantern.

And it’s that final title that has caused the most fuss, bother, and excitement: Grant Morrison returning to a monthly DC Universe title, the first since Action Comics.

But the union of two such creators, Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp, makes me think of a different comic book: All-Star Superman by Grant and Frank Quitely. Now considered a modern-day classic that defined the character perfectly, reflecting seven decades of stories but utterly modern and fresh.

Could this be All-Star Green Lantern? A different title maybe, but in thought and conceit? Redefining, redefining, re-encapsulating Hal Jordan in the same way as Grant did with Clark Kent? Liam Sharp has recently been drawing the wilds of Wonder Woman and Batman. Grant does like to play to his artists’ strengths.

The creative team is well sourced, the rest is speculation. But maybe worth thinking on.

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