Eden Rising: Supremacy Releases an Early Access Development Roadmap

Now that Eden Rising: Supremacy has launched on Steam Early Access, developer Nvizzio Creations has released their development roadmap to give players an idea of what is coming to the game in the leadup to its 1.0 release. The updates coming to the game include more content, progression updates, controller support, monster allies, integrated voice chat, more character customization options, an expanded building system, Steam Workshop support, and even larger servers.

In terms of content updates, Eden Rising will see new map regions added to the open world map, more Seige challenges to master, new resources to discover, and new crafting recipes for weapons, armor, and defenses based on those new resources. Additionally, the story of Eden itself will be expanded upon with the invasion events content that will hit the game sometime prior to full release.

And in a nice twist on the usual dynamic, a male character option will come to the game somewhere down the line. Other character customization options coming in later patches include new hairstyles and equipment dies. In terms of progression expansions, players and their tribes will get new progression options in the form of new weapons, gear, and skill trees.

Eden Rising: Supremacy is out now on Steam Early Access and retails for $14.99 USD. It is fully localized in six languages with more to come soon.

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