Marvel Give Away Amazing Spider-Man #1 Pencils-Only Issue For Party Launch

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To relaunch The Amazing Spider-Man #1 on July 11th with Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley, Marvel is encouraging retailers to host an Amazing Spider-Man #1 Launch Party in their store. You have to order lots of the comics, but then you get additional promotional opportunities as well.

If you can order 250% of orders for The Amazing Spider-Man #796 for The Amazing Spider-Man #1, you can take part – order the  Amazing Spider-Man #1 Party Variant on top and receive one free copy of The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Party Sketch Variant. You can then order up to 2 copies of The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Premiere Variant.

You wll also get one free bundle of 100 invite postcards for giveaway in store. And get a bundle of twenty-five copies of Amazing Spider-Man #1: Behind The Scenes Edition, a special comic that contains the full penciled pages of the main story of The Amazing Spider-Man #1, giving readers an exclusive look at the behind the scenes process.

They are meant to be given away. Odds are many stores will prefer to mark them up and sell them to make up for some of the additional ordering costs…

If retailers go for broke and exceed 300% of total orders of The Amazing Spider-Man #796 they will also receive a large discount on their orders, with reduced discounts for those who match 250% and 200%…

Additionally, there will be an order-as-many-as-you-want Jim Cheung variant, a 1:50 Daniel Opeña Variant, a 1:50 Shane Davis variant, a 1:100 John Romita Sr variant, a 1:200 Ryan Ottley Virgin variant, a 1:1000 Remastered variant, a 1:000 Remastered B$W variant and a 250% match order Blank Variant.

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