God of War has Supassed 5 Million Copies Sold

God of War continues to sell exceedingly well as it has now surpassed 5 million copies sold to consumers in just less than a month.

God of War

God of War has been the talk of the gaming community since its release last month. The title reinvigorated a dated series, taking away a lot of the hack and slash action the previous games were known for and replacing it in the more grounded third-person action genre. The game also went through a massive tonal shift, bringing in themes of parenthood and loss over… well, just angrily tearing gods limb from bloody limb.

That change has seemingly resonated too. We know the game has been selling well, and now we know just how well. At the company’s Investor Relations Day, Sony revealed that the game had sold 5 million copies in just a month. That isn’t just shipped to shops either, that is sold directly to customers which is impressive. Not too many games sell like that, especially single platform games, so the hunger for this series is obviously pretty voracious.

I don’t think it is a big question if we will see more God of Wars in the future now, it’s now one more about when. The game took a while to make so I wouldn’t expect it any time soon, however, looking to see what mythos might come into play down the line is certainly a space a lot of fans will speculate over. There is a lot of rich ground to mine from around the world,┬áso here’s hoping the series can continue to do that and feel fresh.