Fortnite Pros Are Selling Themselves as Squad Bodyguards Online

Squad goals! At least, that's a term we would use here if this didn't feel cheap. A new report is showing that there is an increasing market for people to be your "Fortnite Buddy" or be a bodyguard for you in the game for cash, helping you get your way to a victory.

The story comes from the BBC, which highlights a gamer who for £20 will play the game with you and coach you on what to do and what not to do, both trying to bring your game up and score a victory for you. Much in the same vein of how there's a market for Chinese and South Korean players that will play your games for you for hours to help get your score up, only with the caveat of being at your side instead of in control.

Fortnite Logan Paul
credit//Epic Games

While it sounds like a fine idea for someone who needs help to hire a bunch of people to carry them to victory while learning how to play, it does kind of bring up the ethical dilemma of how you're basically earning a rank you truly didn't earn without hired help. You can check out the full story at this link.

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