Epic Games Considering Keeping a Large Squad Mode for Fortnite like 50 v 50

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Epic Games have taken to the Fortnite blog to discuss some of the things they’re working on for the game going forward, particularly in relation to the game’s fifth season. And while that post goes into detail on a ton of content changes and controller improvements, the biggest news coming is that the development team is looking to keep a “large squad mode” around. You know, like the beloved 50 v 50 Battle Royale mode.

While Epic doesn’t out and out say that they’ll be keeping 50 v 50 around as a permanent game mode in Season 5, the news is still great for players who love large squad modes, in whatever form. However, because of the popularity of 50 v 50, it seems likely that would be the mode to keep around.

From the Fortnite Blog:

We’ve been using LTMs to take existing aspects of the game and try new things with them (i.e. legendary loot in Solid Gold or faster games in Blitz). We look at LTMs as a space that allows us to explore different tweaks to the main game mode (e.g. Building Resources) and do things we wouldn’t normally do in standard playlists.

We’ve heard you about your love for 50v50 and we’re currently evaluating keeping a larger squad mode live at all times for those who enjoy that type of battling more!

The post also goes on to detail other changes that are being discussed by the dev team, including competitive playlists and the possibility of more limited time modes based around special items like the Jetpacks. Which might include some other specialty backpacks like the Eye of the Storm Tracker that was accidentally released in the latest patch.

The post also details performance and quality of life updates, as well as some changes that will be coming to the game’s replay mode once E3 is on the way with the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am. You can check out all the info here.

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